Confirmation at TLC

The Rite of Confirmation at Tallmadge Lutheran Church provides confirmands the opportunity to make a public confession of a personal and heartfelt faith in the Triune God.  In this ceremony, the confirmand commits him/herself to the Evangelical Lutheran Church,         to the Church’s teaching, and to living a Christian life.
Confirmation Day at Tallmadge Lutheran Church is not considered to be graduation from religious instruction, a completion of Baptism, a bestowing of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands, nor reception into “full” church membership.  Confirmation is, instead, a personal confession of faith in the Triune God.
TLC’s confirmation ministry, then, is a program which involves each of the confirmands in Bible and doctrinal teaching, moral training, service to the church, and fellowship with other youth. Our goal is for each confirmand to have a heart-felt faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to His church.
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What is Early Communion Instruction?

During Lent  TLC will continue a new tradition of Early Communion instruction for youth 5th grade and older. Students will learn, side-by-side with their parents, about the gift of Holy Communion, how to prepare oneself to receive this gift, and the Biblical event of the Passover.
The celebration of First Communion for those students who complete this instruction will be at the Maundy Thursday worship.  
Pastor Andy will be teaching these sessions during the normal Sunday morning instruction hour from 9:20am – 10:15am in the Library during Lent.
This instruction is OPTIONAL! 
Students who do not participate will continue to receive First Communion at their Confirmation.
If you would like to better understand why  TLC is offering Early Communion, please click on and review the document below:
To sign up your student for
Early Communion Instruction,
call (330) 633-4775