March 25 – Luke 19:28-42

Palm Sunday

Hannah Lang

 I was blessed to attend a Lutheran preschool, two Lutheran grade schools, two Lutheran high schools, and a Lutheran university. Add in Sunday school for 18 years, Vacation Bible School every summer, and a degree in Theology, and you better believe I’ve heard every Bible story a time or two…or maybe 800 times. Many of you have me beat! And if you’re   anything like me, it can sometimes be a challenge to read familiar Scripture passages with fresh eyes.


So here we are, at the beginning of Holy Week. We know the basics of the story, right? Donkey and palms, washing feet, bread and wine, betrayal, garden, insults, suffering, cross. We remember the facts, the timeline, the characters.


But the true story of our Lord’s Passion is so powerful! Rich with meaningful details and prophecies fulfilled.  Revelations of God’s plan and character. Transformative, history-altering events. Promises kept. Salvation won!

My prayer for all of us this week is that we would be filled with a renewed sense of awe and appreciation as we read and experience the beloved, familiar story of Christ’s  victory.


We pray:

Lord, Give us fresh eyes and open hearts this week, as we study your Word and remember your Passion. Send your Helper to give new insights, convictions, and joys! Bless us with renewed hunger for your Word, and deep gratitude for the Truths found inside. Amen.

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