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March 17 – Mark 14:24-37


No Such Thing as Luck

Pastor Doug Riley

It was not a good time. The young man of 16 was captured in Britain by Irish pirates and taken to Ireland to serve as a slave. 


The religious leaders were looking for an opportunity to get rid of the rabbi from Galilee. All of a sudden, one of the friends of the rabbi came and offered to betray him. 


After six years of slavery, the young man escaped and went back to Britain. He became a priest. He had a vision and went back to Ireland as a missionary. 


As He was eating at a friend’s house, a woman came and anointed Jesus with some very expensive ointment.  He and she got vocal opposition from those present at the dinner. Jesus said it was all right; she was preparing Him for His soon to take place burial. 


It wasn’t luck that the young man was taken slavery, or that he escaped. It wasn’t luck that in the midst of an attempted assassination, a woman poured out expensiveointment.  God had His hand in all of that. He led Patrick to be a missionary to Ireland and he was good at that. The woman gave Jesus a blessing in the midst of all that He knew was    taking place and what would soon take place. 


We pray:

Heavenly Father, you didn’t let Patrick down. You didn’t let    Jesus down. Help me to trust You. May Your Holy Spirit guide and take care of me. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

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