March 22 – Mark 15:16-32

Kyle Lang

On the cross, Jesus bore the punishment for our sins. He deserved none of the awful, humiliating, and painful events of Good Friday. He willingly gave up His perfect existence in Heaven at the right hand of His Father. He set up the greatest victory of all time. And can you believe it? He did that all for us.


Without a doubt, Jesus could have made it easier for Himself. The powerful Son of God could have chosen an instant, painless death. The Son of God could have chosen to shut the mouths of all those hurling insults at Him. The Son of God could have chosen to alter any number of circumstances surrounding His passion and crucifixion. But to fulfill the prophecies, to truly make atonement for our sins, and truly defeat sin, death, and the devil, He endured it all for us.


Jesus bore His suffering and death on the cross so that the price of all our sins would be paid for. Yours and mine.


Today as we dwell on the fact that although we are unworthy, Jesus love for us kept Him on that cross. Write down how that makes you feel, and place it where you will see it everyday. Thank God for this incredible act of love—the greatest act of love—and ask Him to help you continue to see more of the richness, beauty, and life found in His death.


We pray:

Jesus, thank you for your death on the cross. What you suffered in unimaginable, but we know that it was necessary and that You gave yourself willingly, paying the price for our sins. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

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