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Feb 25 – Mark 6:1-13


Ellen Tywon

Can you imagine going on a business trip or a vacation and not taking anything with you except the clothes on your back?  Seems outrageous, right? Well, that’s what Jesus did when He sent His disciples out to preach (v. 7-13). Think about it: they were at the mercy of complete strangers in strange villages for their daily needs. The disciples trusted that God would provide. Jesus didn’t say that they wouldn’t have difficulties along their journeys, but I’m sure they had what they needed – they didn’t starve and they probably always were protected by God wherever they slept, whether it was in someone’s home or out in the open.


And what about us?  Do we trust that God will provide everything we need? If you’re like me, a lot of times that answer is ‘no’.  I feel like I am responsible for everything in my life, but in actuality, God is totally in control. He already knows what my day holds and He knows how I will react in any given situation. I must constantly view my circumstances through the Lord’s eyes, seeking out how He would respond and react accordingly, even if my life is fraught with difficulty.


Another thing to remember is that Jesus gave the disciples POWER before they left. Jesus also gives us His power. We just have to remember that it is at our disposal just like it was for the disciples. (See Ephesians 3:20-21)


We pray:

O Heavenly Father, Even when things in my life seem to be spiraling out of control, please help me to remember that you see what I’m going through, you know how it feels, and you will give me the power to get through it.  Amen

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