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March 19 – Mark 14:32-52


Rick Kellar

God asks little of us, yet we struggle to stand watch – for ourselves, for others, for Him. We challenge the guidance He provides, desiring and pursuing OUR will instead of HIS will. We claim fatigue. We are quick to judge another, yet in our thought, word, and actions, we betray Him every day. As we read the Scripture, we quietly confide that we would never have betrayed Him, certainly not with a kiss.


But we do betray Him, every day. Thankfully, He does not fall asleep on us, abandon, or flee us. Who among us would sacrifice our child to clear a path for forgiveness of sin, for all. One simple request I heard today in this Scripture – stay awake for Me!


We pray:

Lord, please guide me to stand by You, stay awake with You, and help me to have a relationship with You        throughout this day, submitting to Your will, not mine. Amen!

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