March 30 – Luke 22:47-23:48

Good Friday

Christy Wahl

Jesus left His perfect place in Heaven surrounded by constant adoration, praise of the angels, to come to the imperfect and broken Earth. He had friends and family He loved, and they loved Him; until they left Him, denied Him and lied about Him- every single one of them. Betrayed with a kiss by one of the men He had chosen as a disciple, He was arrested, beaten, and dragged before a fraudulent court. He was accused of made up crimes; while hearing His very closest friend on earth three times deny even knowing Him.


Beaten, bloody, too weak to carry His cross, He was forced to walk to the place He would die. He was hung by His flesh in humiliating nakedness before jeering crowds- likely the very same crowds that had followed Him begging for His healing touch. Jesus looked at those He loved and who had abandoned Him so willingly, and He prayed. He prayed for forgiveness for them, I cannot even fathom this. How great is His love for us!


Finally, a supernatural darkness covered all who gathered at the cross, and Jesus was utterly alone. With the unbearable weight of every single sin of every single person in creation crushing Him, He gave up His life. The people that had crucified Him, did not take His life- He gave it up, willingly.  


When you feel alone, when the pain is too great, and the world seems that it marches on without you… when your friends betray you and your family is silent, Jesus knows your pain. He bore the same heart rending loneliness. He sees your silent tears. And He will never ever leave you, even if every other person in the world does.  


We pray:

Thank you Jesus for your unimaginable sacrifice and suffering. Thank you that no matter what, You will never leave us alone. Amen.

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