March 31 – Luke 23:50-56

Holy Saturday

Robin Bergmann

            In today’s verses we read about Joseph, not Mary’s husband but the one from Arimathea. He was a good, honorable, rich man who was waiting for the kingdom of God. He was also a prominent member of Council, finding himself at odds with the other members as he did not      consent to their decision to have Jesus killed. Joseph was also a disciple. We are not told in words that Joseph loved Jesus, but his actions speak louder than words. After Jesus was dead, Joseph boldly and courageously approached Pilate and ordered Pilate to give him the body. He then took down the body, wrapped it in the linens he bought and laid the body in his own tomb dug out of solid rock. Such love and respect extended to a so-called criminal whose body most likely would’ve been tossed in a pauper’s field to rot.


Joseph showed his love for Jesus not by words or tongue, but by actions. As we wait upon Jesus’ return, we should ask ourselves, “How do my actions reflect the love of Jesus?” “Am I willing to go against my peers for Jesus?” “Do I use my possessions for the sake of Christ?”



We pray:

Lord, help us to boldly show our love for You not only in words, but in action. Everyday of our lives, guide and direct our paths so we can live for Your glory. Amen.


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