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March 7 – Mark 10:1-12


Isaac Craddock

The Pharisees were people who spent a lot of time in the temple, studying the Bible and the Jewish laws. They taught people who came to the temple what they had learned. But   unlike Jesus, they did not accept everyone, they only accepted people they deemed were worthy.


When Jesus was talking to an audience of His followers, the Pharisees thought they would be clever and ask Jesus   questions they thought were impossible to answer. Jesus was not angry, but chose to use this as an opportunity to try to show the Pharisees the truth. He went back to the original Scriptures, the Scriptures that the Pharisees themselves  already knew for His answer.


Satan is always trying to wriggle himself into our lives and make it messy. There are many situations and people in our life that will try to pick apart our beliefs, trying to find a place that will prove our faith is flawed. When this happens, we need to stop and look to God and what we have learned from the Scriptures instead of immediately answering back out of our own understanding. Sometimes in life we get questions that are uncomfortable and we have the decision to speak the truth and risk offending someone, or facing the penalty of standing firm in our belief.


We pray:

Lord, Give us a desire to seek Your Word, so that when we are faced with a challenge we will not react from our own thoughts, but from what You have taught us through Scripture. Amen.

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